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My VS Code Extensions

June 01, 2019

Visual Studio Code is the best compromise I've found between a lightweight text editor and full-blown IDE. It seems like every feature can be disabled if I so desire and I can be as minimalist as I like while getting just the tools and functionality I want from the extensions marketplace. These are the extensions I can't live without.

Optimizing WSL

May 31, 2019

The Windows Subsystem for Linux can get sluggish when running read/write-intensive tasks. Some of this is due to Windows Defender's real-time scanning and so benefits from a few quick settings tweaks.

My Web Development Environment on Windows

May 30, 2019

After trying out Linux and Windows separately and via dual booting, I finally tried out the Windows Subsystem for Linux and worked out a setup that I believe is the best of both worlds.

My First Post

January 07, 2019

I am starting a software development blog! I am constantly forgetting how I did this or that. While I understand that's not unusual for…