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My VS Code Extensions

Updated on June 01, 2019

I was late to get on the Visual Studio Code train and now I can't imagine coding without it. It is the best compromise I've found between a lightweight text editor and full-blown IDE. It seems like every feature can be disabled if I so desire and I can be as minimalist as I like while getting just the tools and functionality I want from the extensions marketplace. I don't miss Visual Studio at all.

These are the extensions I can't live without.


JavaScript is so flexible and allows for so much variation in styling that linting is almost a requirement. Rather than lint from the command line, the ESLint extension gives visual cues for errors as I'm coding. I can only imagine how much time this extension saves me. This pairs perfectly with the next extension!


The Prettier extension allows me to automatically format my code according to rules that can be defined in a .prettierrc file. I prefer to have it just use my ESLint settings though and format automatically on save by adding the following to my settings:

"editor.formatOnSave": true,
"prettier.eslintIntegration": true

I spend so much less time on fixing trailing spaces and semicolons and more time on making things. I love ESLint and Prettier.

Bracket Pair Colorizer 2

Bracket Pair Colorizer 2 identifies matching brackets with the same color and makes my code that much more readable and callback functions a whole lot more tolerable.

Note: This is the updated and faster version of the original extension.

Better Comments

The Better Comments extension allows for styling of comments based on popular annotations. I find comments are now much more readable and it doesn't break coworkers' comments if they view the code without the extension installed.


Since it works with both Styled Components and Emotion, vscode-styled-components is just too good. This extension brings back the syntax highlighting, IntelliSense, and CSS syntax that I'm so used to so I don't have to deal with camelCase CSS and quotes in style tags.

Honorable Mentions